Trance Blast Master : Deep Loop LP is an action-music game that takes you on a journey to the depths of the nature of existence. Navigate an energy pulse with simple controls through environments that move in sync with the music. Descend through smaller and smaller scales of reality, each level challenging you with a new way to interact with the environment. Sometimes the energy pushes you forward, sometimes it pulls you back. Keep going until you encounter the Trance Blast Master, and find out if you are worthy to pass. Currently under development.

Not your typical rhythm game, in Trance Blast Master : Deep Loop LP the environment in each level moves with the music in a different way. A custom soundtrack unfolds like a continuous-mix album.

A neuroscientist undergoing nano-synapse research.

Psychedelic visions cloud his reality.

A mysterious energy device.

A burst of light and sound.


Trance Blast Master : Deep Loop LP is the first game in a multi-title series that questions whether intelligence can transcend physical form, existing purely as energy, a dance among the particle quanta that make up the fabric of our universe.