A Game as an LP

Trance Blast Master is designed so the way you enjoy it changes the more times you play it through, like a good album. When you first discover a great album, initially a few tracks grab your attention and others are more subtle. Overall you really like the album, but it is different enough that you don’t completely absorb it all initially. Some of my favourite albums of all time are the ones that grow on you. The more you listen, the more you start to pick up on the nuances. You start to look forward to the upcoming lick, break, lyric, or drop. And you grow to like the deeper tracks more and more as you get to know them, and they often end up becoming your favourites.

That is how I hope people enjoy Trance Blast Master, but in a video-game sense, which is different than simply listening to an album. You are also seeing and interacting, reasoning and reacting. Following the parallel of learning to love a good album, your experience with Trance Blast Master will evolve through the phases of Discovery - Challenge - Mastery.

Discovery: Where is this journey leading? What is this mysterious energy device? What lies beneath the next layer of existence?

Challenge: At first the challenge will be to figure out how each level works. There are no tutorials in the game per-se. Each level gives a little visual indicator of what buttons or input to use, but that’s it. You have to figure out how to advance, what elements help you and what ones hinder you. There will be a mini-eureka moment in each level where you go, “Okay, I get it”.

Mastery: After you complete the first playthrough, you will have figured out all the levels. Now you cruise through full playthroughs and individual levels with ever increasing efficiency and flawlessness. You get a sense of flow, of constant progression. The custom soundtrack unfolds like a continuous mixed album.

A flawless full playthrough of Trance Blast Master will take about one hour, the same length as a music album. It’s unlikely you will come close to that your first or second time through. First-time playthroughs will take several hours. It is going to take expert level skill and a curious mind to actually crack the one-hour threshold.

Deep Loop LP is the first in a series of Trance Blast Master games over which this story will unfold. Keeping in mind the Hard Chill Games ethos of Adrenalizing Gaming Experiences in Bite-Size Consumable Chunks, I envision creating even shorter games for some of the chapters, for which an EP label makes sense.

So the inclusion of the LP label has a few meanings. Trance Blast Master has music at it’s core. The experience will parallel learning to love one of your favourite albums, but in the context of a video game, through Discovery, Challenge, and Mastery. If you do acheive mastery, the play time will be about the same as a full-length album, an LP. And by naming the games in the Trance Blast Master series with LP or EP, you will have an idea of what to expect for play time.